“Here entry is forbidden to women.”

 There is a space that is very special to Sartoria Vergallo. It’s a place that was intended by Gianni Cleopazzo to welcome its customers according to his desires. It’s a place where when you enter you feel at home. Recovering the values of the nineteenth century Salon, the centre of the cultural and political life of an era in which agreements came about face to face. In the Salon of Sartoria Vergallo you can savour the time for a chat or a coffee and the world, the female one, closes behind us.

It’s not to exclude someone but to rediscover that taste for waiting when one is waiting to try out a new outfit from the moment of ordering it or to choose an accessory without that hurry that burns all taste for living. A man who always hurries and has a lot of commitments sincerely appreciates the chance to detach, above all to dedicate time to his style. Here you can do that and rediscover for a moment that which seemed lost: your own time. A precious raw material of traditional Vergallo tailoring.