“This is my life and this is my house.”

 An Art Nouveau villa in the centre of Varese: this is style. It’s an architectural style that connotes the greatest period of the city and the years of an aesthetic sense that with its taste marked, with indelible grace, the first half of the century. Sartoria Vergallo could not but find here its ideal location. Occupying two floors of the villa, the tailor’s shop has its reception, the salon and the rehearsal room on the lower floor and the workshop on the upper floor. It’s a fine intimate space, full of light and with attention

paid to the smallest details, where for an instant you might think you were in England, or in any case a little bit out of time. It’s a space that is also a refuge for customers and friends, where you can drop in just for a chat, buy an accessory, be it Tateossian Gemelli cufflinks, or a pair of Crocket&Jones; shoes, an SV shirt or tie, or to have a coffee in the salon. And while the passion takes the form of a garment, even the time and space in Sartoria Vergallo seem to be made to measure. For us.