PRIVACY Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni is aware of the delicate question of "privacy" that concerns all of those who visit the website and has therefore adopted as a general principal the exclusion of the automatic collection of personal information of visitors accessing the site. Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni possesses the e-mail addresses and other personal details that allow for the identification of visitors exclusively in the case that they voluntarily communicate this information. RECORDING OF YOUR INFORMATION Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni’s Internet server automatically records some of the visitors’ general information during the collection (ex.: type of browser used by the visitor, type of operating system of the visitor and domain name of the visitor’s service provider) which is essentially used for the purposes of an internal check of the number of visitors to the sites, but only collectively in this sense and with the exclusion of the possibility of identifying the individual. This information can be also be transmitted to third parties for the activities of marketing and promotion, or other activities. The data that permits the identification of the single individual can be collected by Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni only in the case in which visitors to the website intentionally compile the registration forms for a competition, subscribe to the newsletters/information bulletins on artists or subscribe to other types of promotional initiatives. The personal information is kept by Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni, who will refrain from selling or transferring it in any other way to subjects external to the company, save for prior explicit consent to act in this way or in specific cases that provide that the information be divulged, by law or as a result of a court order or government measure. This information is used by Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni for the purposes of internal promotions and marketing, both to obtain a better understanding of the type of use that visitors make of the websites and to support the relative promotional initiatives, and to provide greater opportunities for fun for users during their online connection. If this information is transmitted by Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni to third parties, for the activities of marketing, promotional or others, Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni will process the aforementioned information so as to render the identification of the individual impossible. On occasion, Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni uses e-mail addresses and other information that allow for the identification of the individual, provided voluntarily by the user, to contact the visitors that connect to the website. E-mail messages are sent, for example, to the visitors that provide their own e-mail address for specific reasons, such as to receive newsletters/bulletins in electronic form or to communicate that they have won a competition that we have organised. All of the newsletters/bulletins always contain instructions on how to stop receiving the newsletter/bulletin. NOTICE AND REQUEST FOR CONSENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW OF 31 DECEMBER 1996 NUMBER 675. Law 675/96 has the purpose of guaranteeing that the handling of personal details takes place with respect for the rights, fundamental liberties and dignity of the person, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity. The law establishes that the person receives information regarding the purpose and method of handling of their personal details and that the express consent of the interested party is requested in writing. The handling of personal information, the consent for which is requested by our company, is rendered necessary to allow people to make use of the services as described above and for the correct exercise of their right. We wish to inform you that the personal information collected at the moment of the recording is summarised here below in a non-exhaustive way: surname, name, gender, date and place of birth, citizenship, residence, domicile, landline telephone number, mobile phone number, educational qualification - is used with and without the help of electronic means for the handling as provided for by law 675/1996, and for the following purposes: the handling to provide the services that are the subject of this contract; to develop market and statistical studies and research; the preparation of the link registers. The controller of your personal information is Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni with registered headquarters in Via Rossini 14 – 21100 Varese (VA). We inform you, furthermore, that the following persons were nominated as managers pursuant to and in accordance with art. 8 of Law 675/96 and for the purposes indicated below: Cleopazzo Gianni, owner of Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni. ART. 13 LAW 675/96 – RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY In relation to the handling of personal information the interested party has the right: a) to be made aware of, through free access to the register as referred to in article 31, section 1.a), the existence of the handling of personal information that may concern him/her; b) to be informed according to article 7, section 4.a), b) and h); c) to obtain from the controller or the manager, without delay: 1) the confirmation of the existence or lack thereof of personal information that concerns him/her, even if not yet recorded, and the communication in an intelligible form of the same information and its origin, as well as the logic and the purposes on which the handling is bases; the request may be renewed, save for the existence of justifiable reasons, with an interval of not less than ninety days; 2) the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or the blocking of the information handled in violation of law, including that which is not necessary to keep in relation to the purposes for which the information was collected or subsequently handled; 3) the updating, rectification or, if interested, the supplementation of the information; 4) the certification that the operations referred to in numbers 2) and 3) had been notified, also with regard to their content, to those to whom the information was communicated or disseminated, except for the case in which fulfilling this proves to be impossible or involves the employment of means that are manifestly disproportionate to the right protected; d) to oppose, in all or in part, for legitimate reasons, the handling of personal details that concern him/her, even if pertinent to the purpose of the collection; e) to oppose, in all or in part, for legitimate reasons, the handling of personal details that concern him/her, for the purposes of commercial information or for the sending of publicity material or direct sales or for the performance of market research or interactive commercial communication and to be informed by the controller, not beyond the moment in which the information is communicated or disseminated, of the possibility of freely exercising this right. For each request referred to in section 1.c), number 1), the interested party may be requested to pay a fee, where the existence of information that concerns him/her is not confirmed, not exceeding the costs effectively borne, according to the methods and within the limits established by the regulations in accordance with article 33, section 3. The rights referred to in section 1 referring to personal information concerning deceased persons can be exercised by any interested party. In the exercise of the rights referred to in section 1 the interested party may confer, in writing, the power of attorney or proxy to individuals or associations. The regulations on the professional secrecy of those exercising the profession of journalism remain valid, limited to the source of the news. Sartoria Vergallo di Cleopazzo Gianni Via Rossini, 14 – 21100 Varese (VA)