The world of fabrics in menswear is called drapery and no word can better render the marvellous image of Sartoria Vergallo’s exhibition of fabrics that are shown not sacrificed in little bundles but displayed in wide open cuts on the counter. The fabric is chosen by expressing ones requests and tastes but above all by “feeling” the cloth between the hands that

Gianni Cleopazzo extracts from the shelves, describing with precision and accuracy its hidden virtues and values. Only in this way, in his opinion, can one enter into contact with what will be a second skin. And if with pre-made suits, the choice is limited and almost obligatory, in Sartoria Vergallo you find thousands of high quality fabrics for suits of all styles.

“The trusted tailor is someone
who knows how to say no to the wrong fabric.”

The fabrics offered are selected from the best Italian and English suppliers, and it is always wool, cotton, silk and mixes that offer the guarantee of natural fibre: the undisputed queen of tailoring. Processed in hundreds of different ways, the fibre offers surprising results to satisfy needs such as breathability, crease resistance (the ability to resist creasing), freshness, lustre, softness or the fall, tension, design, draping, reinforcement, weight etc. It will be the seasons that determine the variations in weight and tone, allowing your wardrobe to be enriched at times with the right item for the right time. And finding the right fabric may be like a bolt of lightning and once chosen won’t be abandoned again. Just like the tailor.

  • logo Loro Piana

    loro pianaLoro Piana has made authentic quality its true mission, providing exclusive cashmere and wool fabrics to the most sophisticated and demanding consumers.

  • logo Ermenegildo Zegna

    ermenegildo zegnaThe Ermenegildo Zegna Group is synonymous with quality and the cutting edge thanks to the continuous search for excellence and the spirit of innovation.

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    holland & sherryHolland & Sherry is the English company most intensely involved in the search for increasingly finer and superior fibres, to obtain fabrics of high quality and excellence.

  • logo Vitale Barberis

    vitale barberisFor over 350 years, Vitale Barberis Canonico has been celebrating the art, the magic and the beauty of textiles by creating collections of great prestige. Over time, this skill has guaranteed a wide degree of recognition for the oldest Italian wool mill in the world.

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    drapersDrapers specialises in the sale of exclusive fabrics for men and makes available to its customers the knowledge of the materials and the experience of work that is always attentive to tradition.

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    scabalScabal works only with the highest quality materials, such as extra-fine wools, cashmere, silk and mohair to obtain the results and comfort worthy of its name.