“Bespoke tailoring is thinking to measure. A completely different approach to life.”

 It all happens at the first meeting and with the first fitting, then a relationship is born that will last a lifetime. Bespoke tailoring does not just mean centimetres but also means knowing that our tailor knows us and knows what we want and how we want it. After having broken the ice with the first suit, there are no more barriers and the relationship with your own style is built up from one year to the next, becoming solid and personal. In tailoring trends don’t exist. Fashion is absolutely secondary: fabrics, accessories, designs and colours change but a man always remains himself, indeed he becomes even more so.

In tailoring one is dressed, not dressed up. You do not change yourself to follow trends: you change your suit to express your own style. Only a man’s sharp eye has the capacity to see our best side and to bring it out: the tailor really makes the difference, like Gianni Cleopazzo. In tailoring one doesn’t speak the stereotypical language of fashion and Gianni, indeed, shows that a pre-made suit will never be exclusive and unique unlike a tailor-made suit. Because the pre-made suit has been made for anyone and made in large quantities: the difference is only in the cut. A pre-made suit can never make the difference.