There are those who are tailors because they have learned the craft and don’t know how to do anything else. There are those who are tailors because they can’t help it. This is the case when we talk about Gianni Cleopazzo, who when he approaches the workbench enters into a state of profound silence and thinks of nothing else apart from what he is doing, entering into the fabric like the eye of the needle. His talent is not

only a question of luck, determination or concentration, but also of willpower and hard work. Because, unlike what you might think, this young tailor did not find his career ready-made for him but built it himself, step by step. It is not enough to be children or relatives of tailors to become one. If you want to make the difference, you must choose to do so.

“i was a shop assistant, a labourer and only after that did i become a tailor. I had tailoring in the blood but to understand that it was my life i had to try to go without it”

Here we have, therefore, the rebellion against the needle and thread and the choice of trying other professions, only then to hear once more the perpetual call to return to tailoring. Then came the long years of apprenticeship, the true apprenticeship as a worker, to then grow and become a Vergallo on merit and not by hereditary right, right down to being recognised by the National Academy of Tailors. Hours of stitching and silence, of work, of finishing touches and a lot of study, getting up at 5 in the morning and taking the train to Turin (at the prestigious Ligas school of tailoring), because you can be born a tailor but if you don’t grow you don’t become one for real. And Sartoria Vergallo in this way has achieved the name for quality tailoring.

National Academy of Tailors

The National Academy of Tailors, founded at the behest of Pope Gregory XIII in 1575, is a prestigious institute that since 1785 has recognised quality artisan tailors, after an extensive examination of the skills acquired during their working life. An essential requirement is excellent professional skill achieved through work performed with passion and carried out with a view to the evolution of Italian tailoring with a desire to transmit the experience acquired to the new generations, so that traditional tailoring continues to assert itself in Italy and abroad.