"Tailoring is a relationship that is built up through the years."

 Sartoria Vergallo is tailoring on a human scale. Inheriting an old family tradition, today Varese boasts one of the youngest artisans of Italian fashion: Gianni Cleopazzo. He is at the head of the team, a craftsman with a perspective of the modern workshop, where the value of the work is manual and machines do not substitute the sensitivity of the hand and eye; where the quality is in the classic and eternal natural fabrics but made with the latest technology; where the result is unique every time, despite the effort it costs. The vision of Sartoria Vergallo, a place of tradition but also of modernity, is entirely that of Gianni Cleopazzo, as is his ability to view the customer as only a tailor can: immediately, at first

glance. Thanks to the welcome, the appreciation and the many plaudits, today Sartoria Vergallo attracts customers from all around the world. Because it is not only the Made in Italy label or Italian fashion that is attractive, but it is also the human passion of whoever has put himself to the test, all the way, and have given his all by betting on the future of the tradition. Among the qualities, apart from the needle and thread in his DNA, is an excellent team that is constantly at work and the talent for tailoring. But not just these things: to enter into Sartoria Vergallo means entering into a relationship with a man that knows how to read our personality. And it’s not every day you see it on yourself.